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Elite Dance Company’s 2023-2024 Policies


  • Liability: EDC owners, teachers and staff are not responsible for any lost belongings left at Elite Dance Company of Morris County, LLC, or any other locations where an EDC event is held. Elite Dance Company of Morris County, LLC and its staff are not responsible if your child gets hurt in class, at the studio or other locations where an EDC event is held. I waive any claim I may have against Elite Dance Company of Morris County, LLC and its staff.


  • Studio Closings: Please check our important dates flyer to see all scheduled studio closings. The studio will adhere to the snow day schedule of Boonton district. Please check our Instagram, Facebook, or email notifications for information about studio closings. 


  • Attendance Requirements: It is important that students participate in as many registered classes as they are signed up for. If you are not able to make it to class, please email or call the front office to let your teacher know. Starting April 1st, failure to show up for 3+ classes may result in your child not being able to participate in the full June Recital. There will be no refunds given for a missed class.


  • If a registered student wants to drop a class please submit the request through email or a written note to the front office. If you decide to drop a class at any time, you are not subject to a refund.


  • If your child misses a class due to sickness, snow days, or holidays they are able to make up the time in another class for their age group Please see our schedule for class options and contact to schedule. Makeup classes should be done within the semester class was missed, they do not carry into the next year. Makeup classes are not mandatory and it is the parent’s responsibility to schedule. EDC does not give refunds for missed classes.


  • All students are encouraged to take multiple classes to strengthen their dance knowledge and technique! We understand this may result in down time in between classes. Please note that EDC is not responsible for your student during this time, but they are able to sit in the front waiting area. 


  • Please label your child’s shoes and bag to avoid any lost items. Please arrive five minutes early and have your child’s shoes on before start time. All students should bring in their labeled bag, additional labeled shoes, and a water bottle. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately (see class descriptions and attire).


  • EDC has a strict no-tolerance rule against gossiping and bullying between students and parents. Studio owners Miss Carly and Miss Shayla are available to speak on the phone or set up a meeting if you or your child would like to speak. Please note that safety is one of our top priorities and any situation can be reviewed by the studio owners through the security system. 


  • Lastly, we encourage all students to come into class with a great attitude and the commitment to learn! Being prepared for class gives your child the opportunity to focus and have fun with their peers and teachers. We hope all students feel EDC is a safe and fun environment where they’ll make friendships that last a lifetime!

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